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Parking Lot Ministry

The Parking Lot Ministry is set up to ensure that the entire ministry property is a safe environment while people are attending worship services and events. To ensure the vehicles are properly parked and safe from damage of other vehicles.

Men in Suits
Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry, always using Scripture as its guiding principle, has the following objectives: to encourage and model personal study of the Bible and use of the Sacraments so that the gospel message may be proclaimed boldly and clearly in our daily lives, to work under the WELS Commission on Adult Discipleship, and to work together with men to fully understand from Scripture how we are all to serve God.

Open Doors
Prayer Warriors

Connecting partners with a spiritual partner to help them move beyond their fears to a place
where they are actively engaged in their faith, compelled to love others and excited to share the
hope they have in Jesus. The Prayer Warrior Coordinator will coordinate prayer for the spiritual
support, protection, guidance, and direction of the ministry.

Chef's Kitchen
Music Ministry

The music ministry is essential to the flow of our worship experience. Work hand and hand with the Minister of Music with the needs of the ministry, by organizing song selections, coordinating schedules for each choir and Praise and Worship team, and providing a cohesive worship flow to uplift the spirit of God and His people.

Happy Team Posing
Family Life Ministry

Family Life is a ministry that is designed to address various aspects of personal and spiritual wellbeing. We take a pragmatic approach to address life concerns/issues. We provide counseling services, support groups, and weekly conference calls forums, to help facilitate daily and personal wellness.


**Join us every week for our "Breaking Chains" conference call. 


A bereavement coordinator helps families who have lost or have a terminally ill loved one.
Individuals in this career handle a variety of tasks, such as making funeral or memorial service
arrangements, arranging counseling, and providing information as needed to the bereaved.
They act as the main manager of the volunteers, medical staff, and others who are working with
the bereaved. These professionals can work in a variety of settings including hospice, nursing
homes, hospitals, and home health.

Parking Lot
Men's Ministry

It is the goal of the Men’s Ministry at MTBC to Reach, Teach, and Help Men of all ages in Jesus’ name. The Men’s Ministry will oversee and develop the existing Men’s ministry in keeping with the Church’s purpose and direction, and equip men to be godly and effective disciples, husbands, and fathers. It is the Men’s Ministry Director’s job to do just that through helping create large group worship experiences and small group ministries. 

Female Friends

Where spiritual members utilize their gifts of Hospitality, Helping and Giving to serve God and
the congregation with excellence. Doorkeepers ensure that everyone that enters the Sanctuary is graciously received with a spirit of warmth and enthusiasm exemplifying the Body of Christ.

Praying Hands
Kitchen Committee

This committee is responsible for managing the overall food service operation of the facility in order to provide
service for any events. Organizes the food service operation including planning menus,
purchasing required supplies and supervising kitchen activities, food preparation and cleanup.
Responsible for adhering to local, state and federal health codes. Supervises kitchen staff and


We connect with a human warm touch, encouraging others with a smile, and making others feel
special, because they are. We provide hospitality services to visitors and members on a weekly basis, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. To help facilitate this, the production of welcome bags and light
refreshments with an inviting atmosphere and an attitude of love and care is necessary.

Family Portrait
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